When doing reinstall of machines a common issue is that the LAPS password does not get updated due to the fact that the machine thinks the password is current. So to prevent the nice folks from Microsoft wrote a small script to reset the timer and force and update. The original blog post and script can be found here https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/laps/2015/05/06/laps-and-machine-reinstalls/

Now my issue with this is there is no log file created and no way for helpdesk to verify it actually happend (besides logging on which I don’t like).

So to solve this I have made an updated version of the script that centralizes logging basone if the script is run as part of MDT, Configuration Manager or Standalone.


Script can found on github here https://github.com/LofgrenP/Scripts/tree/master/Clear-xTSPasswordTimeStamp

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