Hello Everybody

Here is a little xmas present from Team CTGlobal

This script is an improved version of the script used by MDT to for the “Execute Runbook” Step

I has the following improvements:

  • Success/Failed check
  • Retry if the webservice call fails
  • Retrieval of the correct result, when a runbook has failed over to one or more servers.
    • The currently included script in MDt, will accidently get the first result, which is the failed result, while the newst result is the succeded one.

This improves stability of the step by far.

This has been tested in a scenario that contains around 800 servers in each patch windows.

Each server executes around 20 runbooks in the TS.

Including retry/check status, this is about 20 calls per step.

So a total executions of 800*20*20 = 320,000 calls in a single Patch window!

It has been running for around 8 months, without any issues!

So we can  call this Tested!

Hopefully this script can be included in a future version of MDT.

I will make sure that the correct people get the message, but for now you can get it here and replace the file in your MDT package.

Download “ZTIExecuteRunbook.zip” ZTIExecuteRunbook.zip – Downloaded 2 times – 4 KB





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