On my dev hyper-v host, that has been up an running for almost 2 years, no issue at all, then suddenly out of $null, I could not create a checkpoint???

This was showing in the event log

Checkpoint operation for ‘PC001’ failed. (Virtual machine ID E1E73F70-F65B-443D-9CA5-9887C2B826D1), Log: Hyper-V-VMMS, Event:18012


The solution:

After “binging” around I found the this blogpost, and yes it solves the issue


for some reason, all the permissions was “weird”, solved by running this command

icacls D:VMs /grant “NT VIRTUAL MACHINEVirtual Machines”:F /T

Check the blog post for more details… http://hyper-v-backup.backupchain.com/how-to-fix-could-not-create-backup-checkpoint-for-virtual-machine/