January 19, 2019

The Nerd Herd

Awarded tech newscast - Geek Stuff in your ear every week
The Nerd Herd is a multiple award-winning technical podcast focusing on Microsoft’s platform. The spoken language is Swedish. The leader of the pack is Markus Lassfolk, a long time infrastructure, security, debugging, and rapid response engineer. Wherever you are looking for Marcus, you will also find his wingman - Mikael Nyström. Mikael Nyström hardly needs an introduction as he is perhaps Sweden's “most wanted” infrastructure consultant and speaker. Both Markus and Mikael have both been rewarded Microsoft MVP’s. The third member of the Nerd Herd-team, is Johan Persson, who has been working in the IT industry for countless of years. In this podcast you'll hear these three geeks debating their views on what’s happening in the Microsoft world, in a very relaxed, happy and nerdy manner. Sometimes the podcast will look into the future, whilst the next episode will cover “behind the scenes” of a PowerShell Cmdlet. They will analyze, test, verify and give the listeners tips, and also advice to make better choices for themselves and the organization they work for.

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